About Us

PressPlay is a concept we are very passionate about. It is much more than a business. It is a movement. We want to encourage living life to the fullest at all times. Being in the present, enjoying what you do, and embracing who you are. By being fully and authentically true to yourself. Live the life were meant to live today, with no regrets. CHOOSE not to live with unfulfilled potential, untapped talents, dreams not lived – as so many of us do in our lives…on pause. Instead leap fully into living. Not waiting for tomorrow. Embrace your own personal growth journey, and be on the path to becoming your very best self.

Living is wrought with trials, learning experiences, pains, joys, love, and so much more. It is up to the individual to avoid the mundane and reject mere existence by never accepting that what is today, is the only thing that ever will be. We are inspired by what has been in the past, what is possible today, and the endless potential of possibilities in the future. Join with us. Stop living life on pause, quit waiting for the better tomorrow… Press Play TODAY in your life.

PressPlay Realty Network ranks in the TOP 1% of ALL Realtors as leaders and innovators in the Greater Phoenix, Tucson, Greater Seattle, North Puget Sound, Salt Lake City & the Greater Sacramento real estate markets.

PressPlay Realty Network is an award-winning team focused on agent development, cutting edge technology, and are recognized as thought leaders in the real estate industry.

PressPlay Realty Network has teams in Arizona, California, Georgia, Nevada, Utah, and Washington to SERVE our clients!